Capital Cities of Australia

The Capital Cities of Australia

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Renowned as the education capital of Australia, Canberra offers top-rated schools, research institutions and universities to attract students from across the world. It is the capital city of Australia and 8th largest city with a total population of 4,31, 380 in 2020. Brimming with multi-culture scene and fine dining options, people here in Canberra enjoy eclectic and vibrant lifestyle. The city simply offers the ultimate work-life balance.

The sectors driving the economy of Canberra are public administration, Healthcare, education and training, professional services, retail, accommodation and food and construction industry.


Renowned for sun-bleached beaches, beautifully-preserved historical sites and high-rise buildings, Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales. It is one of the most populated cities in the country and offers high standard of living. It is home to multicultural festivals, delicious fare, Blue Mountains, fine dining options and much more.

The city is best for its ample variety of commercial activity, artistic flair and entertainment hubs. It is also a leading financial centre and the market economy is also booming- thanks to the manufacturing, retail, education, hospitality, and professional services sectors.


The capital city of Victoria is also the second-most populated city in the entire country. Melbourne boasts of diverse culture, high-end amenities and is home to the world-renowned Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Royal Exhibition Building.

Being a leading financial hub, the city offers a plethora of employment and business options. The sports scene and culinary delights are also playing a pivotal role in boosting the overall popularity of Melbourne. The major industries generating the revenue in its economy are Finance, IT, tourism, manufacturing, transportation, research and professional services.


Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland with an estimated population of 2.5 million people. Surrounded by Brisbane River, the Central Business district is a hub of high-rise buildings, commercial properties, restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs and boutiques. The major attractions of the city include St John’s Cathedral, the City Hall, Wes End, ANZAC Square and many more.

Being one of the best cities, Brisbane is generating revenue from IT, Professional services and finance sector. The CBD is also home to various government offices and the industrial zone.


Perth is 4th most densely populated capital city in Australia. It has the Swan Coastal Plain which resides most of the inhabitants. Renowned for sandy beaches, world-class schools, lush-green parts, culinary delights and beautiful landscapes, Perth offers something for everyone. The constant development of the commercial sector and residential real estate market encouraged people to come and live in Perth.

The sectors adding to the wealth of the city are retail, wholesale trading, healthcare, education, personal services, public administration and business services.


The capital city of South Australia is best known for its financial institutions, legislative offices and defence industries. Adelaide is one of the lively places where over 75 per cent of the state’s population is concentrated. The metropolitan city is popular for its culinary delights, dazzling festivals, and booming economy.

The laidback lifestyle of the city is perfect for those looking for a great work-life balance that is over the top in terms of standard of living. The major industries are IT, manufacturing, retail, education, transportation, professional services, and many more.

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